Marek Kamiński - Silent Booking
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Marek Kamiński

Marek Kamiński is a Warsaw-based producer and recording artist creating ambient and neoclassical music. Initially a guitar player and founder of a post-rock ensemble New Century Classics, Kamiński decided to pursue a solo career under the name Lights Dim. He released two studio albums and several EPs with the project. Teaming up with Piotr Dąbrowski — a music producer from Płock — resulted in establishing his secondary creative outlet, Echolette. To date, the duo has released two EPs; both well received by critics and enthusiasts of the New Garage movement. As Lights Dim, Kamiński has joined forces with several prominent creators of experimental music from around the world, including Gallery Six (JP), Endless Melancholy (UA), Piotr Michałowski (PL) and Grzegorz Bojanek (PL). He also shared stage with Jacaszek, Hior Chronic and Loscil. Kamiński’s first release under his own name, an LP titled ‘Not Here’, has been meticulously crafted over the course of almost two years. The album showcased a unique blend of piano, processed electric guitar, as well as field recordings, synthesizers and granular samplers. ‘Not Here’ was then followed by a mini-album ‘Tumult’ released in June 2021. Kamiński’s most recent recordings reveal his interest in more aggressively sounding textures, as well as more spontaneous and raw approach to sound design.